Prices & Services

What's it going to cost?


My labor rate is $80.  I can provide aftermarket or factory parts.  I prefer factory parts, there is a difference but sometimes someone's financial situation doesn't allow for that.  Sometimes aftermarket parts are just as good.  I try to find a balance between cost and reliability.  I always leave it up to you to make the final desicion.  I offer a military discount of 20% off of labor.  You need to provide a military ID, D.D. 214, or VA card.  I know where my freedom comes from and I want to show my appreciation.  I offer a referral discount of 10% for every customer referred (who comes in and gets service done) and you can combine them up to 20% off of labor.  I'd rather give it back to my customers than pay it to an ad agency.  I don’t negotiate on price.  I don’t price match. I have no idea the experience level or the type or quality of parts someone else is using making their price cheaper than mine.   I accept cash and credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, & Discover).  I do not accept checks!  Feel free to call for an estimate.

Services Provided


I service just about everything on a vehicles but it's easier to list the things I don't do than what I'm willing to do.  Somethings I don't do because I don't have the special tools or the experience so I sublet out those repairs.  I remove them and send them out to be rebuilt  Those repairs included: rebuilding engines, carburetors, manual or automatic transmissions, differentials, and 4WD transfer cases.  Just about everything else I can handle from small jobs like oil changes and basic maintenance to more complicated things like check lights and electrical problems.

For Fun


My hobby is also my career.  I built a 1988 Dodge Caravan that I swapped in a 2003 SRT-4/PT Cruiser GT turbo-charged engine that does 12.6 seconds and 111 mph in the quarter mile on E85 and 25 lbs of boost.  It's a daily driver with a full interior, front and rear AC, and cruise control. I also built a 1985 Chrysler Town & Country woody wagon that did 13.3 seconds and 99 mph in the quarter mile.  Here are some videos for your viewing pleasure:

Srt4 van 12.6 second run:

Srt4 van vs Corvette:
Srt4 van vs Mustang:
Srt4 van monster burn-out:
Srt4 van vs GTO:

'85 Chrysler turbo woody wagon vs Trans-am: